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The go-to platform for your IT team to
spot differences across servers.

Stuckd is what system administrators & devops professionals use to snuff out differences between different servers. Compare your system with a previous state of the same system or with other servers to solve problems before they turn into full-blown issues.

Saving Time, Perfecting Process

Users have no patience when they can’t get their work done. Being able to see and quantify the problem and then being able to remediate it will make you more efficient and keep your users a lot happier. Prevent large downtimes by understanding what’s happening between and within your systems.

Support Pains, No More

When you support different clients, it’s hard to track all the changes on their systems. With Stuckd, you will be able to quickly pinpoint the cause of an issue on any application or infrastructure. No need to connect to multiple servers to check what has been done in the hopes of locating the cause of an issue.

With a highly efficient file integrity monitor in place you can

Save upto 5 hours daily on system checkup

Cut down system diagnostics time by half

Save up to $5.5 million by eliminating data breach

Create many “aha” moments in how you & your company help clients find bottlenecks in their infrastructure and fix those issues on a proactive basis.

FIM features you need to solve delays, identify anomalies & expedite the resolution time for your applications.

Stuckd has been built to help IT Pro’s understand what’s going on in their environments. Whether it is reacting quickly when you are clobbered with performance complaints or quickly need to track down a nasty bug, Stuckd is a lifeline for IT Troubleshooters for daily support cases.

Focus on what matters

Stuckd scans each file in your target directories/hosts & compares file's metadata like permissions, ownership, date, and size. It’s granular filtering system, let’s you sniff differences you could never put your finger on.

Window to your servers

Have all the information you need in a single glass of pane. Quickly detect unauthorized changes & fix potential problems. The admin console will allow you to align specific files with a single click.

Reduce noise

Alerts tend to breed like rabbits if not managed properly. Save your time from false alerts with ignore lists because some files like logs or environment configurations are supposed to be different between different hosts/directories.

Meet challenges head-on

Keep a handle on your environment by gaining a deeper level of visibility into your critical applications. When your services are down with no apparent reason Stuckd will you let you know what has been changed and when.

Automation is everything

Automatically align files between different directories/hosts, rollback changes, notify your security team to follow up with an in-depth analysis with Stuckd’s highly intuitive & powerful automation mechanism...

Be proactive than reactive

Restart your service when a configuration file has been changed or call your monitoring system API to trigger an alarm. Stuckd can be customized to perform specific actions depending on a specific event.

Stuckd agent.

Use the agent to easily list your snapshots, create new one or compare them.

How Stuckd Works


Create a project. You can set up different projects depending on specific configurations & settings.


Create a SSH key pair to connect your servers.


Define the connectin details to your servers (IP, port, which key to use).


Create a group, to identify directories with the same scope.


Define targets directories on a specific server, to compare it with the other target directories of the same group.

See how you can use Stuckd to be at the top of your game

Existing Monitoring systems focus only the live status of your systems. If someone today erroneously change a setting in your application, you have to hope you can discover the effect of this change before it will affect your customers. With the insights from Stuckd, you can detect or automatically react to disruptive changes before they become a problem.


Hunt down bugs before they make it to production

Stuckd saves your time when it comes to finding bugs that lead to production issues. Be more agile while discovering issues before users even notice them.

  • Resolve crash & performance issues
  • Keep a watchful eye for errors
  • Automatically detect, discover & diagnose file & server changes
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Let your clients think of you as IT magicians

We know the pain of investigating what happened on a system during a production outage. Get the insight you need with one click.

  • Avoid IT disasters
  • Automate responses to incidents
  • Increase the speed and effectiveness of incident callouts
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Keep your system safe from malicious changes

Make sure major customer-facing areas of your site are working seamlessly 24/7. Identify breaches, defacement or unauthorized changes before they ruin your customers’ experience.

  • Avoid reputation damage & revenue losses
  • Fully assess damange from any breach
  • Understand changes to critical security configurations
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Stuckd?

Stuckd is a file integrity monitoring software that detects file changes across different servers and sends alerts for unauthorized changes. Stuckd detects changes by comparing files content and metadata like permissions, date, and size.


Which systems does it support?

Stuckd currently supports only Unix-like systems with SSH. We plan to support both Unix-like and Windows-like systems when we will add the option to use a local agent.


Do I need to pay for beta access?

No. You can request early access for free.


Does Stuckd store my data?

Stuckd does not store any files or content. It stores only the metadata needed to track the differences between files. You can store a copy of the files on our servers if you want to rollback unauthorized changes. In the future, we plan to give users the possibility to store these files on a user's defined and owned storage system.


When does Stuckd launch?

We plan to launch Stuckd by this fall.


How does Stuckd work?

Stuckd connects to your systems using SSH and scans each file in your target directories. It compares the output between them and display differences in content, permissions, ownership, size or modified date.


What if my secure network won’t allow inbound connections?

In closed beta, Stuckd runs in agentless mode & hence inbound connections from stuckd servers need to be allowed. To meet different network & security requirements/constraints, we are implementing an open-source agent which will run on your server & push the output on our servers (outbound connections only).

Always have peace of mind knowing your servers & systems are performing well & 100% secured

Stuckd is your Swiss Army Knife allowing you to keep downtimes to the minimum and making you more productive. It highlights potential issues and even application issues that could be affecting the end user; before they complain. Save your time in the long run and always be on top of maintenance and other mundane tasks.


Built to give you super-fast access to file changes to make quick decisions.


Highly dependable to keep up with the growing needs of your business.


Get customer supportthat does not feel like playing ping-pong.